The Beginning

The world is going mobile, and so are you. Life is tough, and you rely upon these technology wonders called mobile devices to simplify things. But as you depend more and more on your mobile phones, you realize that even this hero of a product needs something to make the most of its’ potential. So in 2013, after being tired of forever-low batteries, crummy cables and lousy chargers, we decided to take things into our own hands. The smart phone user needed smart accessories, and needed it immediately! To bridge this gap, Pebble was born.

The Principles

It’s All About Simplifying Life At Pebble, we understand your lifestyle and your needs. This is why our accessories are custom-made for you. We offer you the best technology, most user-friendly functionalities and the most interesting designs; all that, at the most affordable prices. We believe in “Innovation, simplified”.

We Take Care Of Everything

What makes Pebble different from others is its commitment to give you what you need, before you ask for it – Need to juice up your phone? Check. Need to rock your world with stunning music? Check. Need to unravel the world of virtual reality? Check. Pebble is your ultimate destination for high-end mobile accessories and beyond. See our range of products here.

Be Rest Assured Our work is not limited to delivering you the best. It is a friendship we promise, long after the deal is complete. Pebble gives you the best customer service and after-sales support. Whenever you need us, we will be there.

Most User Friendly Power Bank Brand Award 2015

Ultra Slim Design Power Bank Brand Award 2016

Most Innovative Mobile Accessories Award 2016

Innovative Accessories Brand Of The Year Award 2017