Pebble 4400 mAh Powerbank

Just enough power to keep you going

AED 66.00 AED 40.00

Pebble 4400 mAh Powerbank

Impeccable Build & Design

The Pebble Power Bank 4400mAh has a strong build. It is designed in an elegant matt finish and sleek curves that fit perfectly in your hand. It is also corrosion resistant, designed specially for daily rough and tough use.

High Recharge Power

High Battery Capacity of 4400mAh. It is capable of recharging a regular smartphone from 1.5 – 2.5 times. You can use this power bank to recharge your smartphone, digital camera, tablet, iPod and Playstation as well.

Most Efficient Charging

The Pebble Power Bank 4400mAh use specifically designed chips that improve the charging efficiency of each power bank. It adjusts the efficiency based on the safety needs of your device, and thus, goes upto 90% conversion rate.

Charge 2 Devices Together

This wonder of a Power Bank has been given 2 USB Outputs, so that you can charge two devices at the same time, hence saving a lot of time. Each Output has been designed with an output current apt for fast charging of phones.

  • Capacity

  • Output Type

  • OutputDC 5V-2.1A

  • Output 1

  • Output 2

  • Input Type

  • InputDC 5V-1A

  • Inbuilt Cable

  • No of USB ports2